Proper Mounting for RV Solar Panels

Proper mounting brackets for your RV Solar Panels are key to maintaining your Solar Panels longterm on your RV, Travel Trailer or Cabin. These brackets are made specifically for your Go Power Solar Panels and Kits. The materials used are heavy duty metals for long term outdoor use. Whether you’re driving down the road or sitting in the hot sun for years these brackets will help keep your solar panels in top shape. The easy installation instructions these panels and kits come with are essential for installing your solar panel and kit properly. Go Power has gone to great lengths to create a system for properly mounting these solar kits to your RV’s, Travel Trailer’s, Cabin’s and Camper’s roof.


Outside Supply can walk you through properly mounting these kits whether it’s your first panel or one of many. We have the staff and experience to help you mount and properly wire these kits for proper battery charging on your RV and travel trailer. When installing these panels make sure you properly drill and seal your holes to protect from water damage. They make solar mounting brackets for tilting your panel but we recommend against it, because you could leave with it tilting up due to inclement weather and damage the RV. If you have any questions when installing or maintaining your solar panel kits call Outside Supply, and we’ll be glad to assist in anyway we can. You want to make sure you do it right the first time! So call us today.


Joshua - Outside Supply

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