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Solar Panel Wires

The solar wires are key to power in RV solar systems

One item that needs to run from the RV’s roof down to the charge controller when installing solar panels is the solar wires. RV solar wires are specialized wires that connect solar panels to the RV power system. Today most RV cables use MC4 or MC3 connectors. These connectors allow for watertight quick-connects for solar cables. Depending on your solar array and its wiring configuration, the gauge and maximum length of the wires may vary.

Solar RV wire is durable and mostly withstands the harsh conditions of traveling in an RV. Copper or aluminum wires are standard in the industry. These are often coated with a protective layer to prevent damage from exposure to the elements. The gauge or thickness of the solar cables used in an RV will depend on the size of the solar panel system and the distance between the panels and the battery bank. Using the correct wire size is essential to ensure that the electrical system functions properly and safely.

For safety, always cover the panels and disconnect the system before servicing any RV solar wires. These systems depending on the wiring system, may contain high DC voltages. Call an expert or electrician to help you solve potential issues.

MC4 Installation cables with cable entry plate

Standard RV MC4 cables for most smaller arrays that operate at 12 volts use a pair of 25-foot MC4 color-coded wires and cable entry plate. The cable entry plate allows for a watertight installation of solar on the RV roof.

MC4 Extension cables for connecting between panels

Extension cables are a certain length of cable with opposite MC4 ends that can be used to extend solar cables. They often come in pre-crimped lengths ranging from 1 foot to 50 feet.

50 foot MC4 Extenstion cable

60 Foot Extension MC4 solar cable pair