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Simple Device Wattage Calculator

Calulating power requirements for solar ** We are re working the code for our power calculator. it should be back up soon. Simple wattage calculator for devices in your RV To calculate the wattage of an item it is important to know both the amps and the volts that the item uses. This simple calculator will give you an easy conversion to watts. It is based on volts X amps = watts.

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Determining the Amount of Power Your Panels Will Produce

Determining the amount of power your panels will produce When determining the amount of power your panels will produce you have to look at several factors that influence their output. The Wattage of the panels is based on operation in full sun during the coolest times of the year. When using a 12-volt dc solar system the charging voltage for the batteries will be reduced slightly by the charge controller based on its charging algorithm.

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RV Solar Calculator

Calculate your loads and power generation for your RV Welcome to the RV Solar Calculator! Our customer’s unique systems are important to us at Outside Supply. That’s why we have a simple formula for calculating your daily wattage in your RV or travel trailer that will help to size the proper solar kit for you. We always recommend giving us a call to discuss your specific setup and if you have any additional questions we’re available, even on weekends!

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