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190 Watt Prewire RV Solar Kit

190 Watt Prewire RV Solar Kit

The prewire solar kit with Go Power 190 watt Includes The 30 amp pwm Bluetooth Lithium solar controller

The base 190 watt prewired RV solar kit is designed to be installed on RVs that have had a solar cable pre-run from the roof to where the charge controller is to be placed. There will often be a sticker in your camper or trailer where the charge controller is meant to be placed.

190 Watt Pre-Wired Kit Includes:

– 190 watt solar panels – PWM 30 Amp Bluetooth Lithium Compatible Controller – Mounting Hardware – Pre-Wire Cables


190 Watt Go Power Solar Module

This kit uses Go Power 190 watt rigid solar panels for power production. The 190-watt solar panel is roughly 27″ X 60″ and has a 25-year output warranty directly from Go Power, a trusted name in RV solar for decades. The module utilizes MC-4 connectors for easy watertight connections on the roof. It is designed and warrantied for RV use.

Solar Charge Controller

The Go Power PWM 30 Bluetooth Lithium controller can handle solar arrays up to 570 watts. Primarily for RV use, It is designed for flush panel mounting, but there is an optional knockout box available for surface mounting. To protect and properly charger your house battery bank, the controller has several different battery charging profiles including Sealed, AGM, Flooded, and Lithium. It can charge two battery banks and is our most common RV charge controller. It is UL listed and now has Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a USB port on the front of the charge controller.

Mounting Brackets

Each panel in the kit will come with a set of mounting brackets and hardware from Go Power. These brackets are designed to connect the panel to the RV roof. There are 4 brackets per panel that connect to the aluminium frame of the rigid frame.

Solar wires and branch connectors

Each prewired panel kit will include the needed solar extension cable pairs and the multi-panel kits will also include the branch connector pairs for the 2nd and 3rd panels. MC-4 solar connectors are used for all roof connectors to make them watertight and quick connect.

190 Watt panels are a great RV size and foot print

For years we sold the Go power 190 high quality solar panels. This robust size was powerful yet had a great form factor.
190 Watt Go Power Solar Panel
Go Power 190 Watt Overlander Kit

This Go Power kit is the basic building block of a standard RV solar kit. It comes with the solar panel controller, brackets and solar cable.

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With Go Power panels you know you will get what you pay for. They are a little more exspensive and the quality is there to support the price.

Maybe save a few dollars with another RV solar panel brand.

190 Watt Solar Panel
190 Watt Solar Panel

This is a 190 watt bare solar panel. It claims to be RV friendly and has a pretty good price.

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There are always different panels that you can choose to build your solar array from. Always consider price versus quality. Solar panels are things you really don't want to have to replace. It is a pain, so choose what works for your RV or off-grid array.

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