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Log Your RV Camping Trips

Log Your RV Camping Trips

Track Your Trips!

Do you log your RV trips? No? After reading this, you will change your mind. First of all, it’s fun. Looking back on your trips can help you plan future trips as well. Let’s be honest; memories fade. Having this stuff written down forever memorializes each excursion. Tracking your trips comes in many forms and how detailed you want to get is totally up to you.

There are many RV camping log books on the market. These books offer fill-in-the-blank prompts that make it easy to fill in all of the specs from your adventures. Some people like to make their log books. You can use a notebook to jot down the particulars of your trip. Another option is to make your own fill-in-the-blank forms to put in a binder.

Recording things like the mileage and maintenance on your RV is excellent in keeping up with the adulty side of RVing. The fluffy, fun stuff to remember is jotting down the best restaurants, shopping, and attractions. It’s also fun to write down the new people you have met. You never know, those people just might become your best friends.

Another thing that is very helpful to note is the RV park or campground you stay at.

  • Did you like the park?
  • Was it clean?
  • Was it near an interstate?
  • Was the campground loud?
  • How was the weather while you were there?
  • Did they have laundry facilities? Info like this can help you make better decisions about future trips or recommendations to other RVers about their places to stay.

When traveling with a family, log books are another way to get the kids involved. Have them tell you what they liked best about the campground. They may have a funny little story that will be worth remembering. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

One of the most fabulous journals is the State Parks and National Parks Passport. Every park is listed in the book and has a place to put a stamp. You can find the stamps located at every park. The kids really love this one as it gives them something to look forward to. Filling up this book will definitely be a lifelong adventure.

Happy Camping!

log your rv camping trips

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