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Lance RV Solar Panel Install

Lance RV Solar Panel Install

Lance RV Solar Panel Install

Go Power 30 Amp PWM Solar Controller His controller is reading 10.3 Amps of Solar Power!

RV solar panel installed by an Outside Supply Customer:

I had a customer call who had just bought a Lance Truck Camper and they wanted to power it from solar. He had a great idea of installing the solar on a roof rack, which is great! This was nice because he has access to tie them together and work on them easily. It even helped reduce shading from the AC unit. 

Solar panels installed on Lance truck camper roof rack.

Installing panels on a Lance camper. Getting a solar panel installed on your lance camper will depend if your camper is prewired. May of them these days are prewired, but don’t worrk there are choices for you if your Lance does not already have the wiring.

It appears that most Lance Campers have prewired connections. Many models offer options to handle upto 2 100 watt solar panels. Size is important when looking at solar panels for smaller truck campers.

A selection of pre wired solar kits

Choosing Backup Cameras for Trucks with Campers

When selecting a backup camera for your truck with a camper:

  1. Viewing Angle: Opt for a wide-angle lens to cover more blind spots.
  2. Wireless vs. Wired: Wireless cameras are easier to install but may have interference issues. Wired ones offer a stable connection.
  3. Night Vision: Ensure the camera provides clear footage, even in low-light conditions.
  4. Weatherproofing: It should withstand rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations.
  5. Monitor Size: Ensure the display screen is large enough for clear viewing but doesn’t obstruct your view.
  6. Installation: Look for cameras specifically designed for trucks with campers to ensure easy mounting and fit.
  7. Expandability: Some systems allow adding more cameras, which can be helpful for larger setups.

Always read reviews and ensure compatibility with your truck and camper configuration.

While You’re Here, Check Out These Items for Your Truck Camper

When equipping your truck camper, consider these must-have items:

  1. Leveling Blocks: Essential for uneven terrains to keep your camper balanced.
  2. Portable Solar Panels: Harvest sunlight for energy, especially if you’re off-grid.
  3. Backup Camera: As discussed, a vital safety feature for larger vehicles.
  4. Ventilation Fans: Helps maintain airflow and reduce condensation inside.
  5. Awning: Provides shade during sunny days, making outdoor relaxation comfortable.
  6. Compact Kitchen Equipment: Space-saving kitchen gadgets for easier cooking.
  7. External Storage Boxes: Store items outside the camper without exposure to the elements.
  8. Camper Ties and Anchors: Secure the camper firmly to the truck.
  9. RV Water Filter: Ensures you have clean water for drinking and cooking.
  10. Portable Toilet or Shower: Adds comfort to your camping experience.

Make sure to tailor your choices based on your camping style and destination.

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200 Watt Portable Solar Kit
200 Watt Portable Solar Kit

Go Power Portable Solar Kit : 200 WATT The Go Power 200 watt portable solar kit packs a big punch in a little small space. Made in the same great quality that Go Power is known for, this panel is ideal for the customer who doesn’t want a permanently mounted panel on the roof of their RV or is unable to due to lack of space available. The PSK 200 can be set as far at 30 feet away from the RV using the quick connect extension cables.

How far can a portable solar panel be from my camper?
How far can a portable solar panel be from my camper?

The Distance of Portable Solar Panels from Campers The distance a portable solar panel can be from your camper depends mostly on the size of the panel and the amount of energy you need. A smaller panel or one that doesn’t need to power many devices can be situated farther away than a larger panel that needs to power multiple devices. The further away the solar panel is positioned, the weaker the signal and the less energy produced.

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Camping in a Teardrop Teardrop Camper by Yoder Toter Teardrop campers are the original RV. This is a super fun way to travel the country with a simple rig that can be pulled by most vehicles due to the light nature of the camper. These campers are ripe for solar because there are less electrical devices that need to be run. There are a few solar options for teardrop campers: