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Lance RV Solar Panel Install

Lance RV Solar Panel Install

Go POwer 30 Amp PWM Solar Controller His controller is reading 10.3 Amps of Solar Power!

RV solar panel installed by an Outside Supply Customer:

I had a customer call who had just bought a Lance Truck Camper and they wanted to power it from solar. He had a great idea of installing the solar on a roof rack, which is great! This was nice because he has access to tie them together and work on them easily. It even helped reduce shading from the AC unit. 

Solar panels installed on Lance truck camper roof rack.

Installing panels on a Lance camper.

Getting a solar panel installed on your lance camper will depend if your camper is prewired. May of them these days are prewired, but don’t worrk there are choices for you if your Lance does not already have the wiring.

It appears that most Lance Campers have prewired connections. Many models offer options to handle upto 2 100 watt solar panels. Size is important when looking at solar panels for smaller truck campers.

A selection of pre wired solar kits

Want to connect to the cable entry plate on the roof of your RV?

This cable entry plate is the best way to make permanent solar panel connections that are out of the way and mostly safe from theft. The CEP-25 has MC-4 connector attachments that allow for quick connecting solar wires to the panels. MC-4 cables will extend usually 18 inches from the panel. These should be fine to conenct to cable entry for a single panel install that is close to the cable entry plate. If you want more than one solar panel or you cable entry plate is far from panel install, ordering a couple of extra MC4 extension cables can make wiring easier on the roof. These cables are almost always ordered in pairs, so get two of them.

When adding panels this is where MC-4 branch connectors will come into play when wiring in a standard parallel configuration. Most of the expansion kits will come witht these although you can order them as matched pairs.

Panels and kits if you have a charge controller installed

A 30 amp controller can typically handle up top three of these 190 watt panels.

Go Power 190 Watt RV Solar Expansion Kit
MC4 Extension Cables

Full RV solar kit if you still need the solar controller

You can add up to of the expansion kits above to a the base solar kit below.

Go Power 190 Watt Overlander RV Solar Kit
Go Power 30 Amp Controller