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7 Pin Trailer Plug Accessory for the Portable Solar Kits

7 Pin Trailer Plug Accessory for the Portable Solar Kits

7 Pin Trailer Plug is a great accessory for your portable solar kit

Go Power! has extended the Portable Solar Kit line to include two optional accessories that will provide more flexibility when charging your battery.  The 7 pin adapter works with a trailer’s existing 7 pin plug for the most convenient and accessible battery charging method.  You can extend the distance of the kit from your battery by using the extra 30′ of cable to increase your sunshine footprint where there is foliage overhead.

Both the 7 Pin Trailer Adapter and 30′ Extension Cable utilize the Portable Solar Kit Anderson-style connectors – allowing simple and easy connectivity. These accessories are sold individually and are not included in the Portable Solar Kit.

The Ease of Portable Solar Kits & 7-Pin Connections

Portable solar kits are a game-changer for RV enthusiasts, offering a sustainable power source while off the grid. These kits capture the sun’s energy, transforming it into electricity for your RV’s needs. One standout advantage is the potential to connect these kits to a trailer’s 7-pin connector. This method bypasses the need to run additional wiring or modify your RV’s electrical system. Simply plug in, and you’re set. The 7-pin connection, typically used for lights and brakes, already taps into the RV’s battery system, making it a convenient power entry point. It’s an efficient, easy, and streamlined solution for solar energy on the move.

Boost Your Adventures with Portable Power Packs

Expand your RV’s energy capabilities with a curated selection of portable power packs. Designed for mobility and efficiency, these units ensure you’re never left without power. From remote camping sites to unexpected power outages, having a reliable backup can elevate your RV experience. Explore and invest in this essential travel companion.

Essential Gear for Your Next RV Trip

Embarking on an RV journey requires not only a spirit of adventure but also the right gear to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience. Here’s a concise guide on must-haves for your next escapade:

  1. Navigation Tools: Invest in a quality GPS designed for RVs. These come with specialized features that consider vehicle size, suggesting safer routes and alerting about height restrictions.

  2. Outdoor Furnishings: Foldable chairs, tables, and an awning can transform your RV’s outdoor space into a cozy relaxation zone.

  3. Water Filters: Ensure you always have access to clean drinking water by using portable purification systems.

  4. Safety Gear: Include a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, tire pressure gauge, and a tool kit. Prepare for the unexpected to ensure your trip remains hiccup-free.

  5. Cooking Essentials: Portable grills, cookware sets, and a quality cooler can enhance your culinary experiences on the road.

  6. Storage Solutions: Organizers, storage bins, and stackable containers help manage space, ensuring your RV remains clutter-free and everything is easily accessible.

  7. RV Cleaning Supplies: A compact vacuum, biodegradable cleaning agents, microfiber cloths, and a collapsible bucket can help in maintaining your RV’s cleanliness. Proper upkeep not only extends the life of the RV but also ensures a pleasant environment during your travels.

Planning and equipping your RV with these essentials will not only elevate your travel comfort but also ensure you’re prepared for a multitude of situations. Set out confidently, knowing you’ve got everything to make your trip an absolute success.

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