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Solar Panel Wires

The solar wires are key to power in RV solar systems One item that needs to run from the RV’s roof down to the charge controller when installing solar panels is the solar wires. RV solar wires are specialized wires that connect solar panels to the RV power system. Today most RV cables use MC4 or MC3 connectors. These connectors allow for watertight quick-connects for solar cables. Depending on your solar array and its wiring configuration, the gauge and maximum length of the wires may vary.

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Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Securely mounting your RV solar panels is very important Solar panel mounting brackets are often overlooked as an essential part of an RV solar kit, but with them, your panels stay securely mounted on the roof. These are simple brackets that fall into a few categories. These RV solar panel brackets are: Standard low profile RV solar mounting brackets - these brackets are simple pieces of metal bent in a “Z” or “L” shape and attached to the RV solar panel with bolts and typically with screws to the RV roof.

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Replace RV Surge Suppressor

Replacing RV surge suppressor in RV power system RV surge suppressors sometimes go out and can cause RV items not to work. Replacing the suppressor will often solve the problem. As times have changed, so have the features in RV surge protectors: Amp rating of surge protector Bluetooth monitoring portable The amp rating is usually written on the old suppressor. Another way to tell what amperage is from the type of plug on the unit.

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